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Title: MultiWiiCL
Post by: chris on March 16, 2013, 15:37:00 (

This is a command line text based tool for configuring MultiWii. It also provides a full scripting environment for whatever fancy future use. I needed this because MultiWiiConf wouldn't run at all on my old laptop and on my newer laptop it was really slow and too fat. :P I also wanted a way to save and restore my PID settings that MultiWii keeps erasing when I load different versions and I wanted to be able to very accurately set my PID settings where the GUI has problems getting it right every time.I just started working on this and it's currently in a very alpha state but it works. Source code is available on the project page ( and binaries ( are available that run on Linux, OS X, and Windows. Most have no dependencies on external libraries or anything, simply run it. :)

As a quick test/intro you can run:

Code: [Select]

Substitute COM7 for your serial port or use something like /dev/ttyUSB0 on Linux.

I'm working on the documentation. help() will show a list of commands and help("commandname") will display help for that command. The commands consist of basically all the MSP_* commands in MultiWii and other functionality. It has some initial support for my Arduino USB Linker project.

MultiWiiCL downloads ( and link to project page.

Donations ( are accepted if you feel the desire.

To be continued